Grepolis Stats: Delta


Rank Player Points Alliance

Rank Alliance Points Cities
1st The Fighting Hive 40,110,410 3,415
2nd Sons Of Liberty 27,645,921 2,331
3rd The Illuminatus 18,396,248 1,613
4th Defiance 4,951,717 482
5th Abaddon 1,574,298 144

Kill rankings
Unit and building info
Overviews and statistics for all units and buildings.

Every city colonization is tracked and viewable through Grepo Stats.

View who's gained or lost the most cities, and more.

Calculators can help you plan your cities and army expansions.

Mailing list generator
The mailing list generator allows you to create, manage and save a list of alliances so that you can easily create mailing lists for ingame use.

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